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Title: Routing trouble
Post by: simonkbrown on November 02, 2016, 10:40:51 AM
I'm using Yate Client to accept and make calls from an embedded Linux box.  Yate is built, and runs, and I have got it to register with my 3CX server.  If I call into Linux I get "404 - Not found".  If I try to call out with rmanager and "call tone/dial 101" I get "<WARN> Tone outgoing call but no route!"

What am I missing?

I am very new to Yate, so apologies if this should be obvious.
Title: Re: Routing trouble
Post by: marian on November 07, 2016, 01:24:00 AM
Calls to YateClient must be accepted from user interface.
In order to make outgoing calls from YateClient rmanager you must setup a route (see http://docs.yate.ro/wiki/Routing)!
When calling from user interface the application is executing the call according to selected account (when calling 101 the application fills required called party target from selected account).
E.g. for sip call the target to call looks like: sip/sip:called_party@ip_addr