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Title: custom H323 header
Post by: cp_yates on January 16, 2017, 05:42:27 AM
Is there any way to pass a custom SIP header as a h323 user-user header.

I have incoming SIP calls, containing a custome SIP header, which i need to pass inside an h323 call, so they can be intercepted by an Avaya AES, for onward integration. Any mechanism of getting the custom data over is valid, as i dont need the call records in yate or avaya to match ID/DID etc.

Currently using regexroute to target the avaya:


have attenpted to pass SIP custom fields/h323 'userdata' header without any success.

Using yate 4.2.0 (H323Plus v1.26.7) on Ubuntu 12.04

Any help would be appreciated.

Title: Re: custom H323 header
Post by: asymetrixs on February 05, 2017, 06:28:04 AM
How did you try it?

Sending a custom SIP header is done via 'osip_' prefix. E.g. if you want to send a field called 'userdata', then in sip it would be osip_userdata=theactualdata.
I am not sure for h323, but you can look into the yate source of the h323 module (maybe this: https://github.com/vir/yate/blob/master/modules/h323chan.cpp (https://github.com/vir/yate/blob/master/modules/h323chan.cpp)) or give oh323_userdata=<...> a try.