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Title: Unable to foward calls from H323 to SIP
Post by: Tsouthwick on February 05, 2020, 10:25:05 AM
Hi _ I am setting up a new YATE system, and it's forwarding calls from sip to sip correctly, but when I try and call from h323 to sip, it's ringing at the sip endpoint, but when the call gets answered it disconnects. When I look at the debug, I see 2 IP addresses for the YRTP

2020-02-05_16:17:26.591890 <CallGen:INFO> GenThread::run() [0x1661330]
2020-02-05_16:17:26.592104 <sip:ALL> Set party trans_name=(null) proto=UDP local=:0 remote= [0x7f000ce22af0]
2020-02-05_16:17:45.327874 <h323:ALL> YateH323Connection::YateH323Connection(0x1734950,18783,(nil)) [0x173ad30]
2020-02-05_16:17:45.327994 <h323/1:ALL> YateH323Chan::YateH323Chan(0x173ad30,ip$ incoming [0x173c750]
2020-02-05_16:17:45.328318 <h323/1:ALL> YateH323Connection::OnSetLocalCapabilities() external [0x173ad30]
2020-02-05_16:17:45.329027 <h323/1:INFO> YateH323Connection::OnAnswerCall caller='2938' chan=0x173c750 [0x173ad30]
2020-02-05_16:17:45.329067 <h323/1:INFO> GetRemotePartyNumber()='2938'
2020-02-05_16:17:45.329136 <h323/1:ALL> adr[0]='72509'
2020-02-05_16:17:45.329146 <h323/1:INFO> Called number (alias) is '72509'
2020-02-05_16:17:45.329578 <cdrbuild:INFO> Got message 'call.route' for untracked id 'h323/1'
2020-02-05_16:17:45.329990 <INFO> Routing call to '72509' in context 'panasonic' via 'fork sip/sip:72509@ | drop=30000 sip/sip:72509@' in 366 usec
2020-02-05_16:17:45.331064 <yrtp:ALL> RTP/AVP message received
2020-02-05_16:17:45.331181 <yrtp:INFO> Guessed local IP '' for remote ''
2020-02-05_16:17:45.331194 <yrtp:ALL> YRTPWrapper::YRTPWrapper('',0x7effe0012010,'audio',bidir,0x7effe0019b00,false) [0x7effe001a6e0]
2020-02-05_16:17:45.331211 <yrtp:ALL> YRTPWrapper::setupRTP("",true,true) [0x7effe001a6e0]
2020-02-05_16:17:45.331326 <yrtp:INFO> Session 'yrtp/1055150653' 0x7effe001a8b0 bound to +RTCP [0x7effe001a6e0]
2020-02-05_16:17:45.331344 <yrtp:ALL> YRTPSource::YRTPSource(0x7effe001a6e0) [0x7effe0011360]
2020-02-05_16:17:45.331364 <yrtp:ALL> YRTPConsumer::YRTPConsumer(0x7effe001a6e0) [0x7effe0003920]
2020-02-05_16:17:45.331397 <yrtp:ALL> YRTPWrapper::setupSRTP(false) [0x7effe001a6e0]
2020-02-05_16:17:45.331634 <callfork:CALL> Call 'h323/1' calling on regular 'fork/1/1' target 'sip/sip:72509@'
2020-02-05_16:17:45.331706 <h323/1:ALL> YateH323Connection::rtpExecuted(0x1753920) [0x173ad30]
2020-02-05_16:17:45.348138 <sipengine:MILD> Received To tag in 100 answer! (sender bug)
2020-02-05_16:17:45.590761 <callfork:NOTE> Call 'h323/1' going on 'fork/1/1' to 'sip/1' with audio data
2020-02-05_16:17:49.434358 <INFO> Choosing offered 'audio' format 'alaw' [0x7effe0019820]
2020-02-05_16:17:49.470733 <yrtp:ALL> RTP/AVP message received
2020-02-05_16:17:49.470761 <yrtp:ALL> Wrapper 0x7effe001a6e0 found by CallEndpoint 0x7effe0012010
2020-02-05_16:17:49.470776 <yrtp:ALL> YRTPWrapper::startRTP("",11840) [0x7effe001a6e0]
2020-02-05_16:17:49.470794 <yrtp:INFO> RTP starting format 'alaw' payload 8 [0x7effe001a6e0]
2020-02-05_16:17:49.475425 <callfork:CALL> Call 'h323/1' answered on 'fork/1/1' by 'sip/1'
2020-02-05_16:17:49.475670 <h323/1:ALL> YateH323Connection::rtpForward(0x7effec001b60,0) [0x173ad30]
2020-02-05_16:17:49.475686 <h323/1:NOTE> Formats changed to 'alaw'
2020-02-05_16:17:49.475776 <h323/1:ALL> Removing capability 'G.711-uLaw-64k' (mulaw) not in remote 'alaw'
2020-02-05_16:17:51.687612 <h323/1:ALL> YateH323Connection::CleanUpOnCallEnd() [0x173ad30]
2020-02-05_16:17:51.688323 <h323/1:INFO> YateH323Connection::OnCleared() error: '(null)' reason: EndedByRemoteUser (3) [0x173ad30]
2020-02-05_16:17:51.688437 <h323/1:ALL> YateH323Chan::~YateH323Chan() answered h323/1 [0x173c750]
2020-02-05_16:17:51.688468 <h323/1:ALL> YateH323Connection::~YateH323Connection() [0x173ad30]
2020-02-05_16:17:51.692867 <yrtp:ALL> RTP/AVP message received
2020-02-05_16:17:51.692942 <yrtp:ALL> Wrapper 0x7effe001a6e0 found by ID 'yrtp/1055150653'
2020-02-05_16:17:51.692976 <yrtp:INFO> YRTPWrapper::terminate() [0x7effe001a6e0]
2020-02-05_16:17:51.693031 <yrtp:ALL> YRTPSource::~YRTPSource() [0x7effe0011360] wrapper=0x7effe001a6e0 ts=0
2020-02-05_16:17:51.693046 <yrtp:ALL> YRTPConsumer::~YRTPConsumer() [0x7effe0003920] wrapper=0x7effe001a6e0 ts=0
2020-02-05_16:17:51.693056 <yrtp:ALL> YRTPWrapper::~YRTPWrapper() bidir 'audio' [0x7effe001a6e0]
2020-02-05_16:17:51.693064 <ALL> Cleaning up RTP 0x7effe001a8b0 [0x7effe001a6e0]

Can anyone help with this.??
Title: Re: Unable to foward calls from H323 to SIP
Post by: cc08 on February 06, 2020, 11:13:59 PM
Without your configs, it's hard to say a certain thing.
And from the logs it is clear that the connection break by the remote side.
Title: Re: Unable to foward calls from H323 to SIP
Post by: Tsouthwick on February 07, 2020, 03:37:20 AM
Attached is a zip file with the config

Title: Re: Unable to foward calls from H323 to SIP
Post by: cc08 on February 10, 2020, 03:22:02 PM
I see one mistake in a regexroute.conf - space after a vertical slash. He should not be there. But the reason may not be that. Therefore, I recommend:

1. since the connection breaks on the x323 side, enable x323 level 10 debugging.

2. Since the gap is initiated by the remote side, look at the cause of the break there.

3. to search for the cause of the gap, make default configs with the necessary settings minimum. Do not include parameters whose purpose is unknown.

Title: Re: Unable to foward calls from H323 to SIP
Post by: Tsouthwick on February 11, 2020, 06:14:21 AM
Hi - that is not what I was asking about. I was requesting why the startRTP was showing a different IP address, the line in green and the line in red.