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Yate Client 4.3.0 - 1
Windows XP SP3

Upfront apologies “stupid” newbie questions.
Yate Client 4.3.0 – 1 works fine on my computer for making calls using Google Voice / G-Talk.
Now I try to set up free "Click-to-Call" in Firefox 24.0 using Google Voice / G-Talk. 
As far as I know there's no Yate Client add-on for Firefox.
Is it possible to use existing Firefox add-on’s like Telify 1.3.3 to pass on a command to the Yate Client, which then in turn would auto-dial the clicked phone number?
(FYI: I’m not set on the Telify add-on, for now it just appears to be the most promising I could find, better suggestions are very welcome.  I’m not even sure if this is the correct way to go about it). 
For example: The settings interface in “Telify Preferences” offers a pull-down selection of “Used Protocol” (tel:, callto:, skype:, sip:, phone:, and Custom URL).  It looks like the “Custom URL” choice is pretty open to pass on any command string, maybe even something specialized which could work with the Yate Client.  Any ideas on how I could set this up or if something like this could even work? 
Thx for your feedback.
Max Osterhasi

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