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There is an Asterisk working solution by naf from the DLSReports forum. It's in development and still has some issues.

Bill Simon isn't planning to release his code after the GVGW shutdown. Maybe if Yate asks, he will release it to them.

Yate server for Google Voice / Google is dropping support of XMPP
« on: May 23, 2018, 10:27:36 AM »
Google is dropping support of XMPP sometime in June 2018 and switching Google Voice to SIP. This isn't the normal SIP, Google is requiring OAuth authentication.

OBihai has already supplied firmware that supports the switch to SIP.

Bill Simon's Google Voice Gateway is in beta testing a new version. He uses Yate for the GVGW.

Will Yate support GV SIP? Any target date for the conversion?

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