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YateBTS / Re: Problems connecting with phone to the bts.
« on: June 21, 2018, 07:14:11 AM »
i have almost a similar problem i have yate 6.0.1 , yatebts 6.0.0.....when i fire up yate,,,,,i get
MBTS ready
2018-06-21_16:07:28.398465 <ybts:NOTE> State changed Running -> RadioUp
2018-06-21_16:09:44.445715 <mbts:NOTE> RadioResource.cpp:243:AccessGrantResponder: RACH burst for unsupported service RA=194

and its not transmitting

YateBTS / Re: RACH burst for unsupported device?
« on: June 21, 2018, 07:04:18 AM »
Its an old post but i happen to be facing a similar problem.. i have yate 6.0.1 and yatebts 6.0.1

MBTS ready
2018-06-21_15:52:03.189354 <ybts:NOTE> State changed Running -> RadioUp
2018-06-21_15:52:50.972013 <mbts:MILD> FEC.cpp:827:getTFITBF:   15:52:50.9,2427:GPRS Radio Block Data Block with unrecognized tfi: 4 dir:RLCDir::Up
2018-06-21_15:52:50.972077 <mbts:MILD> MAC.cpp:1614:processRLCUplinkDataBlock:   15:52:50.9,2427:Uplink Data Block with TFI=4 bsn=2424 unassociated with TBF
2018-06-21_15:53:14.911342 <mbts:MILD> miniggsn.cpp:381:miniggsn_handle_read: ggsn: error: cannot find PDP context for incoming packet for IP dstaddr=
Remote connection from to
2018-06-21_15:55:37.094329 <mbts:NOTE> RadioResource.cpp:243:AccessGrantResponder: RACH burst for unsupported service RA=191

according to the above solution downgrading yatebts worked but then,
how do i go about with uninstalling yatebts ...         
when i try to install yatebts 5  with yatebts 6.0.1 still installed ... it doesnt complete with and error of Transciever UHD

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