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Yate bugs / Re: Unable to start SCTP listener
« on: December 03, 2023, 07:04:16 AM »
Maybe you didn't build with SCTP support /  didn't have libsctp-dev avaliable at the time you compiled yate?

Dear yate developer team,

For years I have been sitting on bugfixes agains the yate code.  We tried to submit them using the old issue tracker, but nobody followed up there.  Now yate development has moved to github, but also nobody is sending any reply to pull requests fixing actual bugs in (not only) The Q.931 and IAX2 implementations:


I can understand if you disagree with some of the details of the patches, but there was no related feedback whatsoever.  Am I doing anything wrong?  Should patches be submitted another way? Please advice.

Looking at other PRs, it is the same: They receive no feedback and they do not get merged.

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