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Other Yate server issues / configuration of queues
« on: March 23, 2014, 07:55:00 AM »
Good morning,

I am configuring YATE to manage income calls from 2 PSTN/POTS lines by means of two gateways cisco spa 3102.

Currently, I am stuck with the configuration of the queues.conf

In regexroute.conf I defined : ^94$ = queue/test1

In the section [queries] of queues.conf I define the parameters.

My question is how to define them

[queue test1]
[required 1]
[current 10]
[waiting 10]
mintime = 100
length= 100


answer of YATE:
<queues:INFO> Creating queue 'test1' from config file
<sip/1:MILD> Call rejected error='noconn' reason='Could not connect to target'

if i define location = ip, the result is the same

I have running the server yate-console.exe, and two clients yate-qt4.exe for testing.

This question was asked in 2012 but unfortunately it was not resolved.

Thank you,


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