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Yate based projects / simple install - from SIP message
« on: September 02, 2018, 09:01:46 PM »
Hi team,

How are things? It's a long time i tested my first yate installation but never used it in our production.
I am already using opensips but i want to test yate in parallel.
Just simple requirements to start with.

Listen on 5060 UDP/TCP port and forward it to another IP(opensips). so anything comes to 5060 port , forward it to another SIP server.  My machine is running IP but the Public (static) IP is xx.xx.xx.xx

Can you please guide me what file do i need to change for the above ?

Thank you team.

Yate users hangout place / simple sip phone dial
« on: November 26, 2014, 10:55:10 PM »
Hi team,

i have used db to register my sip users. this works fine. but when i try to dial this user it does not route and says NOT FOUND.
; Query for the user.register message
query=UPDATE sip_users SET fullcontact='${data}',expires=DATE_ADD(NOW(), INTERVAL ${expires} SECOND) WHERE username='${username}'

i have user 100 is regsiter and calling 100. here is my route.php. the script is run and i see it set the line but dont route and say 404 Not found.

         if ($ev->getValue("called")=="100") {
           $ev->retval = "sip/".$ev->getValue("called");
           $ev->params["line"] = "100";
           //$ev->params["targetid"] = $ev->getValue("callid");
           $ev->handled = true;

here r logs
  param['rtp_forward'] = 'possible'
  param['handlers'] = 'register:50,regexroute:100,cdrbuild:50,register:50,route.php:80,gvoice:20,queues:45,yrtp:50,cdrbuild:50,lateroute:75,dbwave:90,analyzer:90,iax:90,tone:90,conf:90,dumb:90,filetransfer:90,sip:90,wave:90,callfork:100,extmodule:100,pbx:100,callgen:100,moh:100,park:100'
  param['line'] = '100'
  param['targetid'] = 'sip/4c578f4d7a34f816/e9155934/'
  param['callto'] = 'sip/100'
  param['error'] = 'offline'

Yate users hangout place / hangup event?
« on: November 12, 2014, 10:37:25 PM »
Hi guys,

any one have idea how to catch the hangup event ? so what i am trying to achieve is, i have a route.php script so i want when the call is answered and before hanging up i may catch the hangup event and do my billing stuff for the call.


Yate users hangout place / incoming Registration send in roundrobin
« on: November 03, 2014, 10:11:19 PM »
Hi team,

is it possible to forward the incoming SIP registration requests to other SIP servers using round robin ? i dont want to register my phones on yate.
any idea please thanks

Yate users hangout place / no db query after the expires
« on: August 19, 2014, 02:44:48 AM »
Hi there,

something i have noticed that the first registration goes fine, but after the expires my soft phone sends the re-registration to yate but i get Not Found.
i am using [user.auth] , [user.register] and [user.unregister] from DB. it works fine when i register first time i have 60 seconds expire time set on my softphone but after this expire my softphone sends the re-register request to yate but the yate response is Not found. It does not happen when i use regfile

any idea please thanks

Yate users hangout place / cdr not working
« on: August 13, 2014, 08:21:30 PM »
hi guys,
i have hard time to configure the cdr thingy. i can make calls without any issue but i also want to log my call record in the cdr table of database. i can register users using db without any issue.

for cdr i have changed the below lines. cant see anything in the table and also on the console. i am on the debug level 9. can anyone guide me please

; Queries for the CDR updating message

cdr_initialize=INSERT INTO yate_cdr VALUES(NULL, '${time}', '${billid}', '${chan}', '${address}', '${caller}', '${called}', '${billtime}', '${ringtime}', '${duration}', '${direction}', '${status}',
 '${reason}', 0)

cdr_update=UPDATE yate_cdr SET address = '${address}', direction = '${direction}', billid = '${billid}', caller = '${caller}', called = '${called}',
duration = '${duration}', billtime = '${billtime}', ringtime  = '${ringtime}', status = '${status}', reason = '${reason}'
WHERE chan = ${chan}' AND time = CAST(${time} AS UNSIGNED)

cdr_finalize=UPDATE yate_cdr SET address = '${address}', direction = '${direction}', billid = '${billid}', caller = '${caller}', called = '${called}',
duration = '${duration}', billtime = '${billtime}', ringtime = '${ringtime}', status = '${status}', reason = '${reason}', ended = 1 WHERE chan = '${chan}'
AND time = CAST(${time} AS UNSIGNED)

Yate users hangout place / round robin routing using db query
« on: July 22, 2014, 05:19:16 PM »
hi folks,
i am new in yate, just installed. i want to achieve round robin but need to check first the incoming registered user IP and then route it to appropiate IP.
like my users would register on yate, the incoming call IP will be checked from db and then i will be able to set the server for routing.
i know the static round robin routing can be achieved like ^00.*$=fork $(index,$idx00,| sip/sip:\,| sip/sip:\ | sip/sip:\

anyone who has done this before? please guide.

Other Yate server issues / ss7 over ip
« on: July 06, 2014, 10:29:16 PM »
hi folks,

does anybody knows if the SS7 over IP works in yate without any card?


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