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Yate bugs / Life without UDP 5060
« on: August 28, 2014, 07:45:45 PM »
Seems like no calls possible if there's no udp listener on port 5060.
If default listener is tcp or tls  then both client hang up in 15 seconds, no voice is transmitted.
If I setup 2 listeners, one tcp, another udp, setup both clients to use tcp - then calls proceed.
In log file I see that client on some stage sends udp message and server receives it. This fact recovers situation. But its wrong, because udp should not be used.
My task is to setup secure tls communication (TLS+SRTP).
I tried on eyebeam 1.5 and 3CXphone 6. Situation is the same.

First log i made with only tcp listener (calls hangup in 15 secs) :

Second log I made with tcp+udp listener, calls proceed :

c1.c1.c1.c1 - IP of first client
c2.c2.c2.c2 - IP of second client
s.s.s.s - IP of server

difference starts at line 303.

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