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Yate bugs / Localhost as public...
« on: January 23, 2018, 11:54:46 AM »
Hi all.. we're having a real fun time with a small issue..

We're using Dialogic behind a firewall that won't send the external address to our proivder.

So, we're using Yate 5.5 as a proxy to send out and change the external address to something that will work.

So we have yate listening on port 5060, and Dialogic on port 5080 on the same machine (Windows machine, not my choice).

Problem is... Yate thinks is a public address:

2018-01-23_11:38:16.171335 <INFO> Choosing offered 'audio' format 'alaw' [01DDE888]
2018-01-23_11:38:16.171335 <sip/4:ALL> Set media: audio=alaw [06358F98]
2018-01-23_11:38:16.171335 <sip/4:INFO> RTP NAT detected: private '' public ''
2018-01-23_11:38:16.171335 <yrtp:ALL> RTP/AVP message received
2018-01-23_11:38:16.171335 <yrtp:ALL> Wrapper 01D78100 found by CallEndpoint 06358F98

So yate is thinking it's going outside, and keeps sending the PUBLIC IP (instead of localhost or the machine's IP) Does anyone know why is being considered a public address?

Any thoughts how to get around this?

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