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Hi all,

I work in a radio clean environment where visitors need to be reminded to switch their mobile phones off. For that I've built what I call a "GSM catch all system" in the past: Visitors entered the first lock of the shielded room, where they have no mobile reception at all except for the GSM catchall system. Their handsets then connected to it and OpenBTS sent a text message to any new registration asking them to please switch into flight mode. That worked extremely well and was very efficient. Then that system died some months ago... and now I can't figure out for the life in me how to get the ancient and unsupported packages and repos installed again!

The main catch is that this needs to run on an Ettus B200.

Considering there is no support over at OpenBTS at all, does anyone here have any recommendations on how this can be achieved using yateBTS?

What I've got so far: The last version to support UHD devices appears to be Yate 5.5 / YateBTS 5.0. Downloaded the source onto Ubuntu 16.04 LTS and started building. Yate 5.5 built and installed fine, but YateBTS won't compile, there's a problem with UHD include files that are not found (and that also are not present in the Ettus UHD source tree):

UHDDevice.cpp:29:29: fatal error: uhd/utils/msg.hpp: No such file or directory

I'd be most grateful for any hints!

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