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i downloaded source from svn and installed compiled/installed as per

and yes, i did change the bin path to /usr/local/bin in init.d/yate file (one location in that file).

but i cannot seem to start yate as service. all it says is start/running when i "service yate start" and stop/waiting when i run "service yate stop".in fact i do not get any PID when i do ps -ef or pidof yate..

i can run it from command line as yate -vvv -CDoa (or something similar) i can get calls through yate engine..

what am i missing here? any help is greatly appreciated..

i am on 12.04 LTS ubuntu x86 with 2.6.32 kernel..

I have succesfully installed yate on my raspberry pi and now I want to lookup CNAM using the process mentioned here --

for incoming calls on google voice, I suppose i need to use

; Example: callto=sip/sip:${caller}@

how do i set up the SIP server to enable this feature? and, are there any free 'CNAM lookup' servers that i can use to get this functionality?

thank you

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