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YateBTS / Encryption with YateBTS and Milenage
« on: October 29, 2014, 03:39:30 PM »
I had a quick question about Encryption and the use of Milenage.
According to Milenage is supported on YateBTS
Looking at NIB web interface, BTS Configuration/GSM/GSM Advanced there is an option for Cipher.Encrypt

In the past I have been unable to get either of these feature to work.
128 Authentication definitely works, but I never could get it to encrypt.
When trying to get a Milenage sim to authticate, I would constantly get a Reject cause 20 (MAC failure)

Before I start running experiments, I thought I would just ask on the forums first.
Are these two features fully functional? Are there additional steps to that I need to make so they will become functional?

As always, Thank you for your time and any assistance.

YateBTS / Help with Incoming calls
« on: October 18, 2014, 12:12:02 AM »

I just did a fresh install of Yatebts from SVN 2 days ago.
I noticed that writing sims through the NIB is now fully functioning. :)

I have sims written and authenticating with 128.
I can preform outbound calls to the real world.

I am now trying to figure out how I can go the other way.
I have looked around, but I am not finding documentation on receiving inbound calls with YateBTS.
Can anyone help me/point me in the right direction.

From what I know, I will need a real phone number and I will have to insert it into the YateBTS HLR.

Thank you

YateBTS / Rejection Cause
« on: September 15, 2014, 12:07:21 PM »

I currently have a hand full of test phone connected to my YateBTS that I inserted through the "Add subscriber" function in the NIB.
I am not using Regexp.
Looking at my yate logs, it looks like that YateBTS is using rejection cause 2 "IMSI unknown in HLR"
Is there any where to set/change the rejection cause through NIB or another config file?
I looked through the NIB but I could not find the option. It is always possible that I am just overlooking it.

Thank you for your time and any help.

YateBTS / Encryption with YateBTS
« on: September 11, 2014, 02:25:51 PM »

I was wondering if y'all have a way of 100% confirming that everything is encrypted with YateBTS.

I know for sure that the comp128 is working. I have programmable sims that I used pysim to write.
I inserted the subscribers through the NIB interface. I used proper Ki values and marked the Sims as 2G.
I can look through the logs and see the proper SRES and KC values on both sides.
I can send SMS messages and make voice calls (internal/external) with no problem.
I have toggled on the cipher.Encrypt inside Nib/Gsm/Gsm Advanced

Then using additional outside equipment, I can see that everything still seems un-encrypted.
I see that on it states that YateBTS A51/A53 support.

Is there something I am missing/additional I need to do to turn on the encryption?
Is there any external tools used to guarantee that encryption is in place that y'all have used?

Thank you very much for your time and any help.

YateBTS / Help with Outbound phone calls voice cutting out.
« on: July 30, 2014, 02:18:12 PM »

I am running on Ubuntu 12.04 and with Yate 3.
I have set an Outbound connection through the NIB web interface.
I connect a GSM phone with a test sim made with pysim to YateBTS
Two test phone connected have no problem calling each other and having prolonged calls. 

I can make outbound real world call.
Everything works for about 30-120 seconds.
After that, the real world phone can not longer hear the test Yate phone.
The test phone can still hear the real-world-phone with no problem.

A trace showed me that the problem appears to happen before my server that is the outbound connection.
I am currently connecting an Ettus USRP N210 directly to my laptop with Yate.
The laptop is then connected to the WiFi.

A TCP dump show that when hearing cuts out on the real-world-phone, packets from my outbound connection are still coming in; but packets are no longer being sent to the outbound connection server.
This makes sense given that I can still hear on the test phone but not on the real phone.

If I try to do a TCP dump on the Ethernet port, I cannot tell the difference between voice packets coming from the USRP and all the other packets coming from the USRP.
So, I am not sure if YateBTS stops sending the packets to the outbound or if the USRP stops sending them to Yatebts.
Is this just a limitation of the public code? Outbound  calls will only work temporally for a proof of concept?

I have not tried to upgrade to Yate 4 yet since it just came out.
If anyone has any suggestion or comments, all help is welcomed.

Thank you very much.

YateBTS / Help with GSM phones connecting
« on: July 08, 2014, 02:17:05 PM »

I am having trouble with getting a phone to connect to the YateBTS. I was hoping someone might be able to help or at least point me in the right direction.
It seems like the network is rejecting my phone every time I try to connect. On the phone itself, I never see it connect to the YateBTS, but every now and then
I will connect just long enough for the phone to receive the "Your allocated phone no. is ..." SMS. in NIB GUI under "Online Subscribers" the phone will be listed,
but then the phone is immediately disconnected from the YateBTS.

My set-up:
Ubuntu 12.04 LTS
I am using GSM unlocked phones with test sims (IMSI begins with 00101). Same phones I have used for an OpenBTS set-up.
Ettus USRP N210 with the UHD drivers 003.007.000-1
I can successfully run commands such as uhd_find_device and uhd_usrp_probe before I start YateBTS
The USRP is connected directly to the laptop.

I have followed the guide provided at

In Ybts.conf I manually set

In javascript.conf I set


Through the NIB web Gui:
 I have set the RegExp to the following, at different times.
I have even manually entered in the IMSI/KI info to the individual sims.

transceiver is set to ./transceiver-uhd

Any help or guidance would be much apprenticed.
Thank you.

YateBTS / Help with NIB Setup
« on: June 26, 2014, 12:24:32 PM »
I have played around with OpenBTS before and now I wanted to look into YateBTS.
I am on Ubuntu 12.04 with a USRP N210.

I have followed the instruction to roll my own YateBTS given at the wiki:
I get to the point that I can run Yate and then in a separate terminal run:
telnet 5038

I can talk to the eliza bot and run nib commands such as:
nib list registered

every time that I go to a browser and try to go to I just get a Not Found page.

I have tried to follow all instructions at both

Can anyone suggest any help on how to access the web GUI or what I could be missing.

Thank you very much
Update :

I was able to fix the issue. The issue was not with YateBTS but with Apache.
I just needed to apt-get libapache2-mod-php5 and now I have the proper browser interface and phones can connect.

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