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Other Yate server issues / Problems RTP in SIP missed-service call
« Last post by Rail on February 06, 2020, 11:43:10 PM »
We have little problem with yate missed-call service over sip We configured the service in regexroute.conf file as follows:


But when we start routing a call the RTP session is not establishing. We use conventional SIP.
Also if we switch protocol settings SIP-I RTP goes well, however the CDR does not show the diversion.

Best regards,

Rail Yakupov

YateBTS / Re: Como saber se o banco está conectado???
« Last post by cc08 on February 06, 2020, 11:19:30 PM »
English, please .
SIP to H.323 proxy / Re: Unable to foward calls from H323 to SIP
« Last post by cc08 on February 06, 2020, 11:13:59 PM »
Without your configs, it's hard to say a certain thing.
And from the logs it is clear that the connection break by the remote side.
YateBTS / YateBTS Failed to open USB device in SigintOS
« Last post by SiyahSancak on February 06, 2020, 08:30:28 AM »
Hello Guys,

if i run yate -s  it'll send message a error "failed to open usb device" although i connected the bladerf to usb3.0.
i have already updated the firmware "2.3.2" ,FPGA version 0.11.0

can somebody please help me?

SIP to H.323 proxy / Unable to foward calls from H323 to SIP
« Last post by Tsouthwick on February 05, 2020, 10:25:05 AM »
Hi _ I am setting up a new YATE system, and it's forwarding calls from sip to sip correctly, but when I try and call from h323 to sip, it's ringing at the sip endpoint, but when the call gets answered it disconnects. When I look at the debug, I see 2 IP addresses for the YRTP

2020-02-05_16:17:26.591890 <CallGen:INFO> GenThread::run() [0x1661330]
2020-02-05_16:17:26.592104 <sip:ALL> Set party trans_name=(null) proto=UDP local=:0 remote= [0x7f000ce22af0]
2020-02-05_16:17:45.327874 <h323:ALL> YateH323Connection::YateH323Connection(0x1734950,18783,(nil)) [0x173ad30]
2020-02-05_16:17:45.327994 <h323/1:ALL> YateH323Chan::YateH323Chan(0x173ad30,ip$ incoming [0x173c750]
2020-02-05_16:17:45.328318 <h323/1:ALL> YateH323Connection::OnSetLocalCapabilities() external [0x173ad30]
2020-02-05_16:17:45.329027 <h323/1:INFO> YateH323Connection::OnAnswerCall caller='2938' chan=0x173c750 [0x173ad30]
2020-02-05_16:17:45.329067 <h323/1:INFO> GetRemotePartyNumber()='2938'
2020-02-05_16:17:45.329136 <h323/1:ALL> adr[0]='72509'
2020-02-05_16:17:45.329146 <h323/1:INFO> Called number (alias) is '72509'
2020-02-05_16:17:45.329578 <cdrbuild:INFO> Got message 'call.route' for untracked id 'h323/1'
2020-02-05_16:17:45.329990 <INFO> Routing call to '72509' in context 'panasonic' via 'fork sip/sip:72509@ | drop=30000 sip/sip:72509@' in 366 usec
2020-02-05_16:17:45.331064 <yrtp:ALL> RTP/AVP message received
2020-02-05_16:17:45.331181 <yrtp:INFO> Guessed local IP '' for remote ''
2020-02-05_16:17:45.331194 <yrtp:ALL> YRTPWrapper::YRTPWrapper('',0x7effe0012010,'audio',bidir,0x7effe0019b00,false) [0x7effe001a6e0]
2020-02-05_16:17:45.331211 <yrtp:ALL> YRTPWrapper::setupRTP("",true,true) [0x7effe001a6e0]
2020-02-05_16:17:45.331326 <yrtp:INFO> Session 'yrtp/1055150653' 0x7effe001a8b0 bound to +RTCP [0x7effe001a6e0]
2020-02-05_16:17:45.331344 <yrtp:ALL> YRTPSource::YRTPSource(0x7effe001a6e0) [0x7effe0011360]
2020-02-05_16:17:45.331364 <yrtp:ALL> YRTPConsumer::YRTPConsumer(0x7effe001a6e0) [0x7effe0003920]
2020-02-05_16:17:45.331397 <yrtp:ALL> YRTPWrapper::setupSRTP(false) [0x7effe001a6e0]
2020-02-05_16:17:45.331634 <callfork:CALL> Call 'h323/1' calling on regular 'fork/1/1' target 'sip/sip:72509@'
2020-02-05_16:17:45.331706 <h323/1:ALL> YateH323Connection::rtpExecuted(0x1753920) [0x173ad30]
2020-02-05_16:17:45.348138 <sipengine:MILD> Received To tag in 100 answer! (sender bug)
2020-02-05_16:17:45.590761 <callfork:NOTE> Call 'h323/1' going on 'fork/1/1' to 'sip/1' with audio data
2020-02-05_16:17:49.434358 <INFO> Choosing offered 'audio' format 'alaw' [0x7effe0019820]
2020-02-05_16:17:49.470733 <yrtp:ALL> RTP/AVP message received
2020-02-05_16:17:49.470761 <yrtp:ALL> Wrapper 0x7effe001a6e0 found by CallEndpoint 0x7effe0012010
2020-02-05_16:17:49.470776 <yrtp:ALL> YRTPWrapper::startRTP("",11840) [0x7effe001a6e0]
2020-02-05_16:17:49.470794 <yrtp:INFO> RTP starting format 'alaw' payload 8 [0x7effe001a6e0]
2020-02-05_16:17:49.475425 <callfork:CALL> Call 'h323/1' answered on 'fork/1/1' by 'sip/1'
2020-02-05_16:17:49.475670 <h323/1:ALL> YateH323Connection::rtpForward(0x7effec001b60,0) [0x173ad30]
2020-02-05_16:17:49.475686 <h323/1:NOTE> Formats changed to 'alaw'
2020-02-05_16:17:49.475776 <h323/1:ALL> Removing capability 'G.711-uLaw-64k' (mulaw) not in remote 'alaw'
2020-02-05_16:17:51.687612 <h323/1:ALL> YateH323Connection::CleanUpOnCallEnd() [0x173ad30]
2020-02-05_16:17:51.688323 <h323/1:INFO> YateH323Connection::OnCleared() error: '(null)' reason: EndedByRemoteUser (3) [0x173ad30]
2020-02-05_16:17:51.688437 <h323/1:ALL> YateH323Chan::~YateH323Chan() answered h323/1 [0x173c750]
2020-02-05_16:17:51.688468 <h323/1:ALL> YateH323Connection::~YateH323Connection() [0x173ad30]
2020-02-05_16:17:51.692867 <yrtp:ALL> RTP/AVP message received
2020-02-05_16:17:51.692942 <yrtp:ALL> Wrapper 0x7effe001a6e0 found by ID 'yrtp/1055150653'
2020-02-05_16:17:51.692976 <yrtp:INFO> YRTPWrapper::terminate() [0x7effe001a6e0]
2020-02-05_16:17:51.693031 <yrtp:ALL> YRTPSource::~YRTPSource() [0x7effe0011360] wrapper=0x7effe001a6e0 ts=0
2020-02-05_16:17:51.693046 <yrtp:ALL> YRTPConsumer::~YRTPConsumer() [0x7effe0003920] wrapper=0x7effe001a6e0 ts=0
2020-02-05_16:17:51.693056 <yrtp:ALL> YRTPWrapper::~YRTPWrapper() bidir 'audio' [0x7effe001a6e0]
2020-02-05_16:17:51.693064 <ALL> Cleaning up RTP 0x7effe001a8b0 [0x7effe001a6e0]

Can anyone help with this.??
Linux / Used Telecom Equipment
« Last post by saipriya on February 03, 2020, 09:47:03 AM »
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Features requests / Voltei de novo
« Last post by Leonardo on January 30, 2020, 01:40:01 PM »
<mysqldb:WARN> Account 'DB' has 0 initialized connections out of a pool of 1

Eu não tenho ideia do que pode estar errado, mas não está conetando com o db. Se alguém conseguir me ajudar eu fico extremamente agradecido.
Features requests / Por favor alguém me ajuda
« Last post by Leonardo on January 30, 2020, 10:36:02 AM »
Minha dor de cabeça é a seguinte, eu não consigo pôr as gravações na tabela cdr do db. Configurei o mysqldb.conf e o register.conf,o que eu faço agora???
YateBTS / Como saber se o banco está conectado???
« Last post by Leonardo on January 29, 2020, 01:08:57 PM »
Após fazer os procedimentos no register.conf e no mysqldb.conf, como eu verifico se está tudo ok???
Other Yate server issues / Alias in rmanager
« Last post by cc08 on January 27, 2020, 01:49:37 PM »
Can we make one alias for several commands at once ?
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