Author Topic: YateBTS GPRS not working with USRP2  (Read 6160 times)


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YateBTS GPRS not working with USRP2
« on: April 03, 2017, 04:52:58 AM »

I have setup YateBTS on PC, with Ubuntu 16.04 and NI-USRP 2922. Unfortunately GPRS isn't working. Sometimes G signs appears showing GPRS is available but when i browse, it is gone. The logs are given below. Kindly tell me what can be cause of this issue and how to fix it?

The yate,log is here

While ggsn.log is this

 15:35:14.9:Initializing Mini GGSN Mon Apr  3 15:35:14 2017

 15:35:14.9:GGSN logging to file ggsn.log
 15:35:14.9:GGSN Configuration:
 15:35:14.9:  GGSN.MS.IP.Base=
 15:35:14.9:  GGSN.MS.IP.MaxCount=254
 15:35:14.9:  GGSN.MS.IP.Route=
 15:35:14.9:  GGSN.IP.MaxPacketSize=1520
 15:35:14.9:  GGSN.IP.ReuseTimeout=180
 15:35:14.9:  GGSN.Firewall.Enable=0
 15:35:14.9:  GGSN.IP.TossDuplicatePackets=1
 15:35:14.9:GGSN: DNS servers:
 15:35:14.9:ip link set sgsntun up
 15:35:15.2:ip route add to dev sgsntun
 15:35:15.4:SGSN:service loop policy=0 priority=0
 15:35:15.4:SGSN:service loop policy=0 priority=0
 15:50:57.4:SGSN:Received GPRS SuspensionRequest for tlli=0xc286c8cf

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Re: YateBTS GPRS not working with USRP2
« Reply #1 on: April 03, 2017, 05:59:14 AM »

Please see this thread:

Please post a log with the debug options specified there enabled.

The yate log shows a call and SMS being done. Keep in mind, that on 2G, CS services suspend Data services. In the GGSN log, you can actually see the GRPS suspension request.