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GPRS optimisation
« on: April 17, 2017, 07:44:36 PM »
I'm running YateBTS on a Ubuntu 14.04 Laptop with a BladeRFx115. Ive got everything working; Voice, SMS and GPRS.

I'm trying to improve the quality of the GPRS service as much as I can but running into some troubles. Ive used a speed testing app on my phone and measured the downlink speed as 0.05 MBps, and the uplink speed as 0.28 MBps. This test was run with the following parameters:

Multislot.Max.Downlink = 3
Multislot.Max.Uplink = 2
Channels.Min.C0 = 3
Channels.Max = 4

All of these are default values, and all other settings are default values also (I think).
When I use the 'mbts gprs list' command, I am presented with 3 PDCH's, 1 of which always has a FER=100%.

I am trying to improve the downlink capacity as much as possible. I changed to;
Multislot.Max.Downlink = 5
Multislot.Max.Uplink = 2
Channels.Min.C0 = 5
Channels.Max = 7
After doing this, 'mbts gprs list' shows 5 PDCH's, and 4 of them are constantly at FER=100%.

Can anyone shed any light on why I have such a high FER, and of any ways to improve the downlink capacity?

Thanks in advance.