Author Topic: Comprehensive list of compatible versions?  (Read 5201 times)


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Comprehensive list of compatible versions?
« on: November 06, 2018, 01:19:04 PM »
Hello all, I've been curious on what the current state of the art for YateBTS and BladeRF versions are. I've referenced a couple different guides, mainly hanging onto the evilsocket guide, but I'm coming across various different "you must use X version" and "as of 2018 you must use Y version". So I'm trying to avoid confusion and errors, so what are the "correct" compatible versions of everything involved in getting the BladeRF to broadcast with Yate? What's important to have the right version of, and what doesn't matter?

Thanks in advance!
If you're reading my troubleshooting posts, just know that: I got it to work! I'm calling it "GoodBTS", here's a Github guide that you can find here! I hope to make it a thorough guide and keep it active for you!