Author Topic: Issue in enabling Video Codecs in Yate  (Read 4684 times)


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Issue in enabling Video Codecs in Yate
« on: March 25, 2019, 12:54:14 AM »
Hi Team,
I am trying to get video calls (H323 to SIP) via YATE and still faild to get it up.

This is my Setup :
I want to make call from H323 to SIP via Yate. Both ends are registered successfully with their respective IP's. The Issue is based on Video Call, only i can make voice call via Yate not a Video one.

This is the information :

1. All setup is inside the LAN.
2. Running YATE 4.2.
3. Both clients can register and can place voice calls.
5. when I try to establish the video call it does not.
6. Codec is H264 and I have set the 


in ysipchan.conf
7. Only the Audio Codec is seen by default in the Open Logical Channel in the below Wireshark. How to get Video Codecs too.

Best Regards,
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