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DataTranslator::attachChain [0xb6aa6d70] (null)->[0xb69d5020] alaw not possible


I've installed YATE 6.4.0-1-2 on an OpenWRT router. There are 2 IP phones connected to the router.

A call from one IP phone to the other (no VoIP provider involved) works as expected: caller and callee can hear and talk to each other.

But an external call via the VoIP provider fails: the caller hears the ringing tone forever; the callee hears the ringing tone, answers but hears nothing.

The YATE log (debug level 9) shows the following entries:

2023-03-30_21:03:24.663961 <INFO> DataTranslator::attachChain [0xb6aa6d70] '(null)' -> [0xb69d5020] 'alaw' not possible
2023-03-30_21:03:24.664134 <INFO> DataTranslator::attachChain [0xb6aa6c70] 'alaw' -> [0xb69d52c0] '(null)' not possible

I have no idea, where to look in the conf files. Can anybody give a useful hint? If you need more information, let me know.

Thanks for reading and have a nice day.

I would say the VoIP provider is offering/answering with an unknown payload type.
Do the SIP messages exchanged with the VoIP provider show up in the logs?
If not, are you able to get a SIP capture (tcpdump, sngrep etc)?

Thanks for your reply.

I'll check with tcpdump and report back.

Mea culpa. The error is based on a configuration error. Sorry, it's my fault.


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