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Hi, all!

Of described "Yate setup at BurningMan2013"
The question arose , why not use the opportunity of many home DECT handsets that can handle SMS ?
According to ETSI ES 201 912 , to the sip gateway no special requirements.
Since all communication come over a RTP connection , theoretically it enough to make from yate SMSC for fixed line phones.
Please, if I'm wrong, correct me .

So, in my experiment involved:
- YATE from the latest SVN ,
- SIP gateway dlink dvg7111 - 2 pcs
- Sinus 103 DECT handset (from Douche telecom) -2 pcs

On the handset, the number of the SMS center as 99991111 ,
sent sms to another Sinus103,
In the sip exchange see that the call goes to 999911110,
regexroute.conf to prescribe respectively


do in the console:
debug spandsp on
sniffer on

but after a session in the logs of any information from the spandsp not.
(may be because yate maked without debug ?)
I expected that yate will send the fsk signal DLL_SMS_EST to phone.

I suggested that spandsp should handle FSK exchange.
Please if I'm wrong, correct me .

From this I conclude that spandsp do not have enough work .
Spandsp installed from debian packages.
Although faxing is performed normally.

But yate somehow need to configure.

Please advise how to do it.

Best regards,

Diana Cionoiu

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« Reply #1 on: November 20, 2013, 07:04:22 PM »
because gsm range is bigger than dect and people already had their gsm phones.