Author Topic: Problems about Yate as h.323 gatekeeper  (Read 7002 times)


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Problems about Yate as h.323 gatekeeper
« on: November 11, 2014, 08:23:26 PM »
    I want to use Yate as h.323 gatekeeper and Cisco router 2811 as gateway. I have tried for several days but failed to connect the Cisco router to Yate. The IP address of router is, the IP address of the computer running Yate server is I have modified the h323chan.config as following. Please tell me whether it is right or what else I should do. Thank you !!

; If server is true the gatekeeper of yate will start. You must understand that
; the H323EndPoint and H323GateKeeper share the calls. So you can make a call
; to a registered endpoint of this gatekeeper even if in the [ep] section
; you haven't register the local H323EndPoint to the local H323Gatekeeper. In
; fact is not recomanded to register the local EndPoint to the local GateKeeper.
; The local H323EndPoint is used as proxy for calls to local non h323
; destinations. If you wanna call let's say tone/dial from a registered
; endpoint to the local gatekeeper, you must make a route in regexroute (or
; whatever you use) and then just dial the number.
; If you wanna call a registered endpoint you must use now as a module register
; since is the only module who can record prefixes right now.

; server: bool: Enable running a gatekeeper on the main endpoint
server = true

; You must define the binding interfaces. Right now the multi hosted boxes don't
; work very well because OpenH323 mechanism, but we will fix that if someone
; have any problem.

; port: int: Port on which the gatekeeper listens for connections
port = 1719

; name: string: Identifier of the gatekeeper
name = GK-TEST

; ttl: int: Registrations time to live in seconds, 0 to disable
;ttl = 600

; heartbeatdrop: bool: Drop calls for which the heartbeat timed out

; registeredonly: bool: Allow calls only with registered endpoints