Author Topic: ISUP timer to T6  (Read 7343 times)


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ISUP timer to T6
« on: July 15, 2015, 08:03:07 AM »
Hi Yate,
I saw problems in ISUP, when Yate need to control SUS message.
In my case, we need to receive RES message, but, Yate can't control the time to receive this message.
All calls that receive SUS are disconnected from Yate with normal clearing. If this time is important to be controlled, it does not seem like a bug to Yate one time of a public network has connected with a fixed line in another telco? Yate have timers  to T7, T9,T27 and T34 only. If the interconnected Telco need to manipulate your timers, in Yate it is no possible. I have projects to by YateUCN in Brazil, and here it's so important to have YateUCN approved in Anatel (regulatory agency) to be used in my startup telco company.