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There was an error in the upstart script for yate.. When compiled from source, the yate binary will be in usr/local/bin and NOT in usr/bin.
The documentation link i pointed to talks about changing the /usr/bin to usr/local/bin in the init script but not in the upstart job script for yate.. When i looked at the script you sent, it stuck me immediately about the location of the yate binary for compiled version (the last line with exec in it)....

perhaps the document needs to mention about it as well.

(and by the way, there was an  error was logged in the /var/log/upstart/yate file that /usr/bin/yate was not found)...

makes sense now and i can now start the job and get a pid for it as well!

i downloaded source from svn and installed compiled/installed as per

and yes, i did change the bin path to /usr/local/bin in init.d/yate file (one location in that file).

but i cannot seem to start yate as service. all it says is start/running when i "service yate start" and stop/waiting when i run "service yate stop".in fact i do not get any PID when i do ps -ef or pidof yate..

i can run it from command line as yate -vvv -CDoa (or something similar) i can get calls through yate engine..

what am i missing here? any help is greatly appreciated..

i am on 12.04 LTS ubuntu x86 with 2.6.32 kernel..

Thanks @CAM... I have replied on your thread as well. I have the same need as yours.. Just need a few pointers to get me moving in the right direction

This is my exact requirement as well. How do I go about achieving this.. I do have Yate succesfully on a windows 7 box. All I want is to be able to do a CNAM lookup when calls come in (to obi or directly to any other SIP client).


i did read those documents. i am sort of looking for a direction regarding the "" server for CNAM lookup - should i be configuring a different 'server' with freepbx or asterisk that gives me the CNAM?

i want to be able to use to get my CNAM info- how do i go about doing that here..?

I have succesfully installed yate on my raspberry pi and now I want to lookup CNAM using the process mentioned here --

for incoming calls on google voice, I suppose i need to use

; Example: callto=sip/sip:${caller}@

how do i set up the SIP server to enable this feature? and, are there any free 'CNAM lookup' servers that i can use to get this functionality?

thank you

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