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Aha! Thank you for helping me understand that the client and server use the same configuration files if they are in the same directory. That fact was not clearly in the how-to guide. It's easy to make this mistake because the windows installer puts everything in the same directory by default.

It works correctly now that I changed that. Thank you all again.

That makes sense and I did follow those instructions. Where in my logs does it show a GV account is configured in the Yate Client?

Here is the SIP entry in regfile.conf:
Code: [Select]

And here is the client setting screenshot:

Thanks for replying!

Apologies for my confusion, but none of the instructions I followed at are about setting Google account data during routing, and none of my logs show setting Google account data during routing.

This is the route that I used in regexroute.conf, which I cut & pasted from
Code: [Select]

Are you advising me to remove the regex from the route? I tried replacing the regex with the explicit phone number but got the same error. Does "Jingle call failed. Incomplete caller" mean that google account data is wrong, or does it mean a parameter is missing?

Thanks again for your help.

Yate server for Google Voice / "Jingle call failed. Incomplete caller"
« on: March 08, 2017, 10:32:30 AM »
This error occurs in Yate Client after dialing with a fresh Yate install, enabled sniffing and following the guide at Is there something else Yate must do?

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