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Yate bugs / don't get BTS name on my phone.
« on: June 06, 2018, 02:13:25 AM »
hi all
I have installed everything according to this  video

but I don't get the name of BTS in my phone .

i am getting errors like this

2018-06-06_13:34:35.218854 <gsmtrx:ALL> ARFCN[0]: Slot 1. Excessive TOA error=-3 peak/mean=4.33149 count=1 [0x7f764c02b260]
2018-06-06_13:34:35.434605 <gsmtrx:ALL> ARFCN[0]: Slot 7. Excessive TOA errors 15 [0x7f764c02b260]
2018-06-06_13:34:35.503151 <gsmtrx:ALL> ARFCN[0]: Slot 7. Excessive TOA error=3 peak/mean=5.06807 count=1 [0x7f764c02b260]
2018-06-06_13:34:35.633400 <gsmtrx:ALL> ARFCN[0]: Slot 0. Excessive TOA errors 3 [0x7f764c02b260]
2018-06-06_13:34:35.683865 <gsmtrx:ALL> ARFCN[0]: Slot 0. Excessive TOA error=5 peak/mean=4.03715 count=1 [0x7f764c02b260]
2018-06-06_13:34:35.829388 <gsmtrx:ALL> ARFCN[0]: Slot 4. Excessive TOA error=-5 peak/mean=3.51831 count=11 [0x7f764c02b260]
2018-06-06_13:34:35.833083 <gsmtrx:ALL> ARFCN[0]: Slot 2. Excessive TOA errors 12 [0x7f764c02b260]
2018-06-06_13:34:35.881004 <gsmtrx:ALL> ARFCN[0]: Slot 6. Excessive TOA error=-3 peak/mean=3.6354 count=13 [0x7f764c02b260]
2018-06-06_13:34:36.032981 <gsmtrx:ALL> ARFCN[0]: Slot 5. Excessive TOA errors 12 [0x7f764c02b260]
2018-06-06_13:34:36.073289 <gsmtrx:ALL> ARFCN[0]: Slot 2. Excessive TOA error=-4 peak/mean=3.30919 count=1 [0x7f764c02b260]
2018-06-06_13:34:36.134264 <gsmtrx:ALL> ARFCN[0]: Slot 5. Exc

can anybody help me regarding this issue .

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