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Yate based projects / YateBTS + BladeRf x40, controlling signal level
« on: August 30, 2020, 01:06:18 PM »
Hi all,
I'm an Android developer developing an app called GSM Signal Monitor (, in it's core is an app that monitors your GSM signal strength and notifies you of events such as 'signal lost' or 'signal low'.

To ease the app development and testing process (it's tedious job to test and debug various Android devices (20 currently) simulating different network conditions using a metal bucket and metal cans reinforced with aluminum foil) I assembled simple test environment using BladeRF x40, Ubuntu 18.04 and YateBTS.

Everything is working almost great, the phones can connect to YateBTS, they can call each other, when I stop the BTS the signal is lost, the GPRS data is working. I'm successfully using libyate.php to monitor some events that I'm interested in etc...

One thing I'm not able to achieve for now is how to properly control the recieved / transmitted signal levels so the phone reception can be altered. Ex: The signal is great currently, how can I simulate for example low signal condition.

I tried playing with rmanager adjusting the BTS power with mbts power, but the results are not exactly stable. The phone either lose signal or gains great signal, nothing in between.

Any help will be appreciated.

Vladimir Paskov

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