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I use YATE on windows in LAN (based on Wi-Fi router)
CPU and RAM not used alot.
But after end of phrase from any side- small pause, delay exists. It is less then second but i feel it.
If i make conference of 3 clients - pause is longer.

I use default configs.
Which options i need to try to change to reduce this time lag? 

 My setup works on PCs throught ssip/srtp.

i tried csipsimple on android  - it work without TLS and when i turn it on - it only rigister but cant to resieve and send calls.


I want to run YATE on localhost with ssl encription.<br>
Without ssl, if i use udp or tls type of listener- etherithing  is OK - i check by yate-client on same machine.<br>
But with ssl enabled - i cant to connect.

For test i created key and certificate on <br>
Put them near openssl.conf and add them into it.<br>
But i dont know what to write into sslcontext option.<br>
If i use "sslcontext=localhost" then YATE writes to log:

    <sip:WARN> Listener(TLS,'general') failed to start SSL [006E95D0]
    <sip:ALL> Listener(TLS,'general') '' got conn from '' [006E95D0]
    <openssl:WARN> SslHandler: Unable to find a server context for context=localhost or domain=

If i not use sslcontext - YATE writes what context is empty and nothing on my tring to connect.

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