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SIP to H.323 proxy / Yate sending an incorrect address to PBX
« on: May 15, 2014, 12:31:29 AM »
Dear developers. We propose to use your product YATE as a converter H.323 signaling to SIP and back (H.323 to SIP Signaling Proxy). Acquainted with the recommendations:,
Connection diagram :
IPGW Panasonic (H.323, UDP) - YATE - MS Lync (SIP, TCP).
At the moment, the connection from the MS Lync towards PBX succeeds (Signalling, voice) .
When callback (PBX-MS Lynk) connection failed. When analyzing the trace call that during the exchange of signaling messages YATE towards PBX sends a broadcast address . And a voice PBX directed to that broadcast address We can send settings YATE, success and failure trace calls. If you will need additional information, I send. Prompt what went wrong

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