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YateBTS / Call Regfile extensions from nib phones
« on: March 09, 2015, 04:27:40 AM »

I can currently register both mobile handsets and SIP extensions, I can call the handsets from the SIP extensions, and I can have the handsets call each other.

I am currently having the issue where the SIP extensions cannot call each other and the handsets cannot call the SIP extensions.

The SIP extensions range from 101-150 so I can make a simple 'if' command on the onRoute function, but I'm not sure how to tell it to call users on the regfile  :-\

What's the command to route calls on the internal regfile?

YateBTS / Changing SIP headers on nib.js
« on: January 18, 2015, 05:11:33 AM »
How can someone change SIP headers such as From:User part, Contact: User part, or Remote party ID on outbound calls?

Currently I have a mock VoIP provider set up but on outbound calls, Yate is sending the extension number of the phone instead of sending the line number associated with the SIP trunk.

I keep getting spoofed URI responses from the VoIP provider as a result.  :-\

YateBTS / filter for RX antenna
« on: December 05, 2014, 06:48:27 AM »
Hi guys

I have gotten yatebts to recognise my bladeRFx115 and have managed to get it to broadcast a GSM network signal which my mobile can see (Using licensed spectrum).

Now, when I try to connect to the network with my mobile, it times out. Yate does not seem to even mention the fact that a phone has tried to connect which makes me think that either the noise levels are way too high or the BladeRF isn't passing information correctly to Yate. I'm using two of these antennas:

I don't seem to see any logs relating to a phone even attempting to connect to the network though I have tried multiple times with different phones.

Are there any tests for noise that I can run through? I'm thinking of changing the TX power to lower levels as well as adjusting the RX sensitivity but I'm not sure which settings these will relate to  :-\

I can also see on the YateBTS site that the labkit has a filter attached to the RX antenna and I'm wondering if this is what is needed to allow mobile phones to connect. What sort of device is this as I'd like to get one for the GSM 1800 range.

Thanks in advance for any assistance :D


YateBTS / YateBTS initial setup with bladeRF x115
« on: November 27, 2014, 11:27:26 AM »

I have installed Yate and YateBTS via the SVN installation guide at etc.

I have tested the bladeRF-cli which works well and I have loaded the latest img and FPGA onto the x115 (fx3 v1.8.0, x115 FPGA v0.1.2).

Debugging things I've run 'yate -sd -vvvvv -l /usr/src/yate/logfiles/yate.log'

I can telnet in and start/stop ybts. Can't for the life of me work the mbts commands as I just get an IRC chatbot to 'Tell me more..'

The root of the problem seems to be with the transceiver setting in ybts.conf - the error when I set the transceiver to ./transceiver-rad1:

Code: [Select]
2014-11-27_15:47:11.100867 <mbts:NOTE> OpenBTS.cpp:144:startTransceiver: starting transceiver ./transceiver-rad1 w/ 1 ARFCNs and Args:
2014-11-27_15:47:11.121035 <transceiver:MILD> rnrad1Core.cpp:171:openNthCmdInterface: Failed to find rad1 num 0
2014-11-27_15:47:11.121091 <transceiver:MILD> rnrad1Core.cpp:472:load_status_msg: Failed to load firmware ezusb.ihx
2014-11-27_15:47:11.121594 <transceiver:MILD> rnrad1Core.cpp:559:rnrad1Core: File load failed
EMERG 140571653601024 15:47:11.1 OpenBTS.cpp:155:startTransceiver: Transceiver quit with status 256. Exiting.
2014-11-27_15:47:11.122043 <mbts:GOON> OpenBTS.cpp:155:startTransceiver: Transceiver quit with status 256. Exiting.

And when I set the transceiver as ./transceiver-bladerf:
Code: [Select]
2014-11-27_15:44:57.097372 <mbts:NOTE> OpenBTS.cpp:144:startTransceiver: starting transceiver ./transceiver-bladerf w/ 1 ARFCNs and Args:
EMERG 140160281310976 15:44:57.0 OpenBTS.cpp:150:startTransceiver: cannot find ./transceiver-bladerf
2014-11-27_15:44:57.097487 <mbts:GOON> OpenBTS.cpp:150:startTransceiver: cannot find ./transceiver-bladerf
EMERG 140160281310976 15:44:57.0 OpenBTS.cpp:155:startTransceiver: Transceiver quit with status 256. Exiting.
2014-11-27_15:44:57.098019 <mbts:GOON> OpenBTS.cpp:155:startTransceiver: Transceiver quit with status 256. Exiting.

The files in the /usr/src/yatebts/mbts directory are:
Code: [Select]
A53   AUTHORS  CommonLibs  Control   Globals GSM  Peering  SGSNGGSN  Transceiver52M   TRXManager
apps  CLI      Connection  COPYING  doxconfig  GPRS LEGAL  README   sqlite3   TransceiverRAD1

Do I need to create symlinks to somewhere for yatebts to get the bladeRF working?

Any advice would be much appreciated!  ;D



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