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I was able to build latest release from official SVN sources on Ubuntu 14.04.
Everything is fine including WANPIPE and DAHDI support.
Only library I can not configure is amrnb. Official Ubuntu repository has opencore-amrnb-dev package but it is not recgnized by the configure script

Is there a way to compile yate with this version of AMR?

Other Yate server issues / RTP is silenced every second
« on: April 30, 2016, 02:34:37 PM »
Can somebody help me? I set up a Yate with SIP trunk. I can register with privider and get an incoming calls from both outside and inside of the LAN.
Calling from mobile phone through IP using CSipSimple or Zoiper gives almost clear sound no matter where do I call from. Calls from both local WiFi or a mobile 3G network are working fine.
But calls from PSTN landline through providers gateway are terrible - 99 calls of 100 are impossible to get recognizable sound. It mutes or pauses every second. It sound like "I - ut - es - ry - nd"
Provider says it is necessary to set up a ptime=20. I disabled ilbc30=no, enabled ilbc20=yes, but it does not have any effect. ptime field did not appeated in SDP "OK" packet. Finally I hardcoded ptime=20 in SDP's session.cpp but no success either.
I tried precompiled yate 5.0.0 from ubuntu 14.04 repository, 5.5.1 from Silver connection PPA and compiled from  latest SVN source. Everything is the same.
I tried two different internet providers. Both are giving bandwidth enough to stream HD video stream. No success.
What drives me really crazy - I did exactly the same setup a month ago with 3G modem uplink in one day! No troubles! Sound is clear.
Can somebody tell me what can go wrong???

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