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We are trying to use yate as a signal proxy, however we have seen improper behavior in processing some of the calls. It seems the process of the calls on the originating and terminating sides are completely decoupled from Yate's perspective.

I tried to attach the call flow picture but constantly getting below error.

      "The attachments upload directory is not writable. Your attachment or avatar cannot be saved."

hence we have to email the picture to whomever interested to help if we get the email address.

What I see in the graph I could not attach:

- 180 Ringing was received by Yate but never forwarded to Originating end (why?)
- About 6 seconds Originating end issued CANCLE which was never forwarded to terminating end (why?)
- 200 OK is received from Terminating end; while the originating leg has been completely ended; however yate sent ACK to 200 OK without sending the 200 OK to the originating end and while there was no Originating leg at that time.

Acting like this is quite strange and I wonder if anyone else has ever experienced the same and know how to fix.Thanks to all of you who care to help.

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