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YateBTS / Device auto-registration
« on: August 24, 2016, 05:24:18 PM »
Hi, guys, thank you for the wonderful job u did on the yate-bts first.
I've setup my testbed and finally wanted to try it out. Am able to locate the TEST-PLMN network manually and register to it with SMS and calls to it.
But decided to go one step further and since i have some foreign SIMs laying around the office wanted to test auto-registration and be my own microoperator(i'm using 2-4 dBi antennae so range is rather miniscule).
The issue is that the phones do not want to register to the network despite setting the MCC/MNC to their home network values. All i'm getting in the console is :
<mbts:NOTE> RadioResource.cpp:242:AccessGrantResponder: RACH burst for unsupported service RA=108 (while RA=X differs often)

I have been asked what kind of SIMs i have and they are Ukrainian possibly 3G sims, am i under the false impression that they should be connecting to my BS without trying to authenticate it just based on the MCC/MNC?

YateBTS / YateBTS + bladeRF unstable
« on: August 22, 2016, 08:05:58 AM »
I am running the latest Yate + YateBTS from releases page and trying to run my little base station.
Going through a lot of combinations of FPGAs and firmwares got stuck with :
bladeRF-cli version:        1.4.0-2016.06-1-ppatrusty
  libbladeRF version:         1.7.2-2016.06-1-ppatrusty

  Firmware version:           1.6.1-git-053fb13-buildomatic
  FPGA version:               0.0.3
as it at least starts my BTS and i can find it on the phones.
The problem however is that it is extremely unstable, runs for a couple of minutes and then gives me :
2016-08-22_17:02:47.744776 <transceiver:MILD> bladeRFDevice.cpp:611:writeSamples: Samples TX failed at 86288881: Operation timed out
2016-08-22_17:02:48.245020 <transceiver:MILD> bladeRFDevice.cpp:611:writeSamples: Samples TX failed at 86289389: Operation timed out
2016-08-22_17:02:48.745280 <transceiver:MILD> bladeRFDevice.cpp:611:writeSamples: Samples TX failed at 86289897: Operation timed out
CRIT 3048450880 17:02:49.2 bladeRFDevice.cpp:948:checkHealth: Excessive I/O errors, bailing out
Received shutdown signal
2016-08-22_17:02:49.245485 <transceiver:MILD> bladeRFDevice.cpp:611:writeSamples: Samples TX failed at 86290405: Operation timed out
Shutting down transceiver...
2016-08-22_17:02:49.246300 <transceiver:WARN> bladeRFDevice.cpp:948:checkHealth: Excessive I/O errors, bailing out
EMERG 3074349888 17:02:49.2 OpenBTS.cpp:159:startTransceiver: Transceiver quit with status 0. Exiting.

Which basically kills the transceiver and restarts it over. Can you shoot me some pointers onto how to fix the issues and have a stable BTS at hand?

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