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The script works as it expected except in call.cdr, which is supposed to update a table in database with the called number of the calls with duration less than 120 second, the finished calls of calls of course, but it update the table the table once the call starts and of course its duration is less than 120 second at the start time.

I am trying to stop processing the CALL to the next Stage once the the Condition in one of the 'IF's met in the Script. I expect a CDR record gecerates and Caller receive 503, which he does but the script does not stop the "called" to stop at the same stage and goes forward. I can see the Debug and Output Messages for the Next 'IF' condition which shows the call is still processing.

I use this Script to check the digit length, compare the CALLED with my Blacklist, Compare it again with my Whitelist and route the call after thse filters, it works like a charm,
I need to update a table in mysql with the value of call duration once a call ends with like duration less than 65 seconds.
I have no idea how to that. I Install "call.cdr" with a priority right after Install call.route line, script fails and it keep reapiting the dialed number.

Any Idea ?

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