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Other Yate server issues / send keepalives only during SIP calls
« on: November 30, 2018, 05:25:44 AM »
Hello Yate developers, thank you for developing such powerful and flexible software.

I'm using mobile broadband which unfortunately is NATed and have accounts with multiple providers. Since I'm cheap and mobile data cost$ I want Yate to use as little data as possible, so first question:

How can I configure or modify Yate to only send keepalives while I have a call? For the providers I use for outbound calls only, I would prefer to eliminate unnecessary keepalives. Since my providers won't send (re-)INVITEs outside of a call there is no need to maintain a NAT binding outside of a call. For those of us stuck behind many if not most types of NAT this is the desirable default behaviour for any provider that doesn't need registration.

I appreciate each keep alive uses little data but it will add up with multiple providers and a system running 24x7.


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