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Other Yate server issues / SIP outbound proxy not working
« on: July 09, 2020, 03:20:29 AM »

How can I define a SIP outbound proxy for all calls routed by the register module?

I tried several things with no luck. The outbound parameter seems to be only used in ysipchan and I see some example uses
with regexroute and accfile but not with the register module.

I am able to set the outbound parameter in regexroute before routing hits the register module. The outbound parameter shows up in the message sniffer when doing routing with the register module. The INVITE is however sent to the R-URI address and not the outbound address. It seems that the outbound proxy functionality is not implemented for all SIP channels, just for LINE functions from accfile.

I am using yate 4.1.1

How can I fix this? If that is not implemented, where in the code should I patch that?

Thanks for you help.


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