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YateBTS / Proxy Authentication Required? when trying to outbound call
« on: April 26, 2021, 04:59:17 AM »
Hi everyone,
I input my sip credentials (Zadarma) in the outbound connection part of the nipc web interface, but still can't make calls outside of the network. Instead I read in the terminal output, after it stated at the start that the sip logon was successful, that proxy authentication is required. Can anyone tell me what I am doing wrong and advise the correct way forward? Thanks.

P.S. part of the terminal out put is this:
  <TID TIFlag="true">0</TID>
  <Message type="Release">
    <Cause coding="GSM-PLMN" location="LPN">Proxy Authentication Required</Cause>
2021-04-26_06:47:46.372019 <ybts/2:CALL> Hangup reason='Proxy Authentication Required' [0x7f5fb000aa10]
2021-04-26_06:47:46.372043 <ybts/2:CALL> Destroyed [0x7f5fb000aa10]
2021-04-26_06:47:46.507520 <ybts-signalling:INFO> Received [0x55728a814900]

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