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We use the following method to detect this event:

we have been guided according to the following documentation:

but it not works, please we need your help.. Thanks!

Yate IVR / How to make calls from IVR to external phone number (PHP)
« on: March 03, 2015, 04:33:34 PM »
We found the following information related to how make call from IVR to external phone number:


We already made the changes mentioned in the links, but they are not working and they are not showing any logs information.
We create the following function to call.
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function MakeCall($route) {
        global $saved_ev;
        $called = $saved_ev->GetValue("sip_from");
        $partycallid = $saved_ev->GetValue("id");

        $m = new Yate("chan.masquerade");
        $m->params = $saved_ev->params;
        $m->params["message"] = "call.execute";
        $m->params["callto"] = "5717455171";
        $m->params["id"] = $partycallid;


Can you help us with any ideas to resolve this, thanks in advance

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