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Other Yate server issues / Re: CallerID as my UserName of the Trunk
« on: March 28, 2014, 08:41:37 AM »
Can you give us more info?
Like the protocol you are using, config, log ...
Hi, of course...

here you have an incoming call from "TRK00519-001" where Incoming call is entering from number 32207600

---- Log
<pbxassist:CALL> Created assistant for 'sip/338'
FreeSentral : register.php : entered return_route(called='32207600',caller='TRK00519-001',username='',address='',already-auth='',reason='', trusted='', call_type='', route_loop_count='')
Executed: SELECT value FROM settings WHERE param='annonymous_calls'
Executed: SELECT extension_id,true as trusted,'from inside' as call_type FROM extensions WHERE extension='' UNION SELECT incoming_gateway_id, trusted, 'from outside' as call_type FROM incoming_gateways,gateways WHERE gateways.gateway_id=incoming_gateways.gateway_id AND incoming_gateways.ip='' UNION SELECT gateway_id, trusted, 'from outside' as call_type FROM gateways LEFT OUTER JOIN sig_trunks ON gateways.sig_trunk_id=sig_trunks.sig_trunk_id WHERE server='' OR server LIKE '' OR sig_trunk=''
FreeSentral : register.php : classified call as being 'from outside'
FreeSentral : register.php : entered routeToDid('32207600')
Executed: SELECT destination FROM dids WHERE number='32207600' OR '9' || number='32207600'
<pbxassist:NOTE> Chan 'sip/338' entering guest mode

Tell me if you want to know more.
Btw, Im a NOOB! so please be patient ;D

Thanks in advance!

Other Yate server issues / CallerID as my UserName of the Trunk
« on: March 27, 2014, 12:27:29 PM »
Hi, I have a problem with the CallerID, when I recive a call, the display show TRK0059XX-XX wich actually is the username to use my trunk, Ive check the debug and the line said something like callerid="TRKXXXXX-XX", I have to assume that my provider dont send my the callerid or what have been done wrong?


FreeSentral - Yate based IP PBX / Missing Feature?
« on: March 27, 2014, 12:18:30 PM »
Hi Everyone, my first message on the forum and Im now on YATE + FS

Ive try to starts a Yate + FreeSentral, everything works perfect, but seems the FS dont have implemented some features that YATE support, for example the T.38 protocol.

Im not a expert, please be kind :D


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