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Yate users hangout place / Re: - broken links!
« on: July 20, 2023, 06:59:06 AM »
Latest updated Yate can be found here: 6.4.1
It looks like no longer exists which makes everything harder to work with  :-\

FreeSentral - Yate based IP PBX / Does Freesentral support H323 endpoints?
« on: November 05, 2015, 07:37:19 AM »
As subject, currently reading through documentation, can Freesentral support h323 endpoints?

I now own a banana sbc, so will be trying the above out on this device, though I have just found,4512,4641,quote=1 someone who has got Freesentral running on lighttpd and postgresql

The password for the extensions can only be numeric because they are authenticated when listening to their voicemail from the voicemail.php script.

Thank you, that makes sense.

Other Yate server issues / Re: Yate Server Security
« on: December 15, 2014, 03:24:42 PM »
Thank you for the above, I was looking for something like fail2ban for my hand compiled freesentral install

FreeSentral - Yate based IP PBX / Installing Freesentral on a Raspberry Pi
« on: December 07, 2014, 06:44:39 PM »
Working from this:

Using Raspbian and an 8gb Micro SD on a Model B+
Raspbian version is Wheezy, all desktop packages have been stripped, apt-get update plusdist-upgrade and rpi-update ran to bring up the kernel to 3.12.34, and all packages up to date.

Needed packages:
Code: [Select]
build-essential sox autoconf cvs libssl-dev php5-cli lame madplay openssl php5 php5-ming php5-pgsql postgresql apache2 libpq-dev speex subversion telnet
Code: [Select]
cd /usr/src/
svn checkout yate
svn checkout freesentral

This will pull down revision Rev 5925 - 2014-11-27 14:57:13 GMT of yate and revision Rev 223 - 2013-11-18 13:56:49 GMT of freesentral.

cd into the yate directory, and follow

I will update this when I have completed this step, first issue, to get the postgresql module recognised install libpq-dev.

make completed, ran make install no-api

yate built,

but the instructions to

Code: [Select]
cd /usr/src/yate
cp packing/deb/yate.init /etc/init.d/yate
chown root.root /etc/init.d/yate

do not work, so at present, I cant start Yate as a service

my mistake, edit /etc/init.d/yate and change the daemon from /usr/bin to /usr/local/bin
cd ..
cd freesentral

before running ./

get your favourite editor and replace the # in /etc/php5/cli/conf.d/ming.ini line 1 with ;

now run ./

when it asks for web user [apache] enter www-data

why can passwords only be numeric?


sorry to resurrect an old thread but is yate 4.3 the last version that is fully compatible with freesentral 1.2?

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