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Yate bugs / Re: Life without UDP 5060
« on: October 18, 2017, 05:46:17 AM »
I like to bring this topic up again :-)

I do have a separate Listener Configured for TLS with NAT,
It Works if I call in via TLS-NAT and the internal Endpoint uses UDP Only..
As soon as I use TCP or TLS on the Internal Client I do have bidirectional RTP, but the call gets disconnected after 15 sec.

So question:
Optimising th call.answer section is probably on solution.
But I do not get the advantage / disadvantage of the contact type set with the transport type or not.

I updated to release 6.0 but it is still the same .
Could someone colaborate on this?

Thank you Very much for your explanaition...

The flexibility of yate is great, but certanly raises questions :-)

The regfile module is a routing module. When call.route is handled and called party number indicates a registered user the module will return its location (target). Routing process stops. No other module will handle call.route.
If you want to handle the call.route in regexroute just lower its call.route priority (see the 'route' parameter in [priorities] section. This will make regexroute to handle the call.route message before regfile module.

I guess I understood the Prioritiy
95  regexroute.conf
100 regfile.conf

So first look for the destination in Regexroute ( Do whatever with the called number, eg. Number to [Number|Name] Translation.  eg ^200$=return;called=100 )  In this case Returns means, Exchange called number and continue Searching regexroute.conf from this point down. If no match found in regexroute continue searching regfile.conf

So what would be the preferd way to have dialing permissions ?
e.g. Phone in Kitchen, and a Phone in the public space are only allowed to dial INTERNAL and Emergency Targets?
Office Phones are allowed to reach all Targets, etc.

But I will give the section [extra]a try...

Yate users hangout place / yate as small pbx: context routing questions
« on: October 04, 2017, 06:14:19 AM »
Hi All,

Im watching the YATE Project since a while now. Right now I have my first litte use case.

I am building a small PBX for home use and may have some help guiding me.

I want to stick with regexroute.conf,accfile.conf and regfile.conf

As far as I understood a context in regexroute is just a section with route objectives/permissions wich can be chained together to form calling permissions. Great

So based on the calling number in [context] I can set permission.

Code: [Select]

; some stuff here

^.*$=echo context:$context ${type} ${username} ${sip_to} called is ${called}:${calledname} from                  ${callername}:${caller}

This Works Great..
according to the guide the 'context' is a parameter
according to the regfile.conf docu I can set/modify any call.route parameter to a user


Code: [Select]

IMHO should set the required conntext for a call comming in from this user
but this does not work

Im a using Yate 5.0.0 1 r5675

Could somebody help me with this?

best regards

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