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I found that the problem actually originates in the analog.cpp module. The MGCP channel supports early media so analog.cpp ignores the ringback=yes directive. Even when ringback=no the module doesn't try to generate internal ringback using tone/ring. I modified line 1516 in analog.cpp from 'else if' to 'if', this works fine for my use case and now the FXS analogue line has ringback generated by the MGCP gateway.

Thanks! If I have time I'll add that in there, for now it works exactly how I need it to. :)

It may be suitable to configure the interval per MGCPSpan and check it when sending the event.
You may allow it to be overridden in event's params.

Initialize m_osiInterval from params

if (fxs()) {
    String s = "L/osi";
    int interval = params ? params->getIntValue(YSTRING("interval"),mySpan->osiInterval(),0) : mySpan->osiInterval();
    if (interval)
        s << "(to=" << interval << ")":
return false;


I currently have an FXS channel bank connected to Yate using MGCPCA and the Analog driver. When I make a call from the analog line to another FXS port or IAX trunk the MGCP device never receives a request to play ringback.

It seems the problem is in:

bool AnalogChannel::msgRinging(Message& msg)

No matter what I do in that function (which does get called) the MGCP channel driver never gets the SignallingCircuitEvent::GenericTone. Changing the ringback= option in analog.conf has no effect on it working.

I've never done this before, please let me know how I can improve!

Code: [Select]
*** yate/libs/ysig/yatesig.h    2018-06-22 09:16:52.781426453 -0230
--- yate-andrew/libs/ysig/yatesig.h     2018-06-21 20:10:01.514867348 -0230
*** 1565,1570 ****
--- 1565,1571 ----
        OffHook      = 21,               // The hook is up
        RingBegin    = 22,               // Start ringing
        RingEnd      = 23,               // Stop ringing
+         NetworkDisconnect = 24,          // OSI - Open Switch Interval to signal call end on FXS
        RingerOn     = 30,               // An FXS started the FXO's ringer
        RingerOff    = 31,               // An FXS stopped the FXO's ringer
        Wink         = 32,               // On hook momentarily

*** yate/modules/server/mgcpca.cpp      2018-06-22 09:17:09.213459432 -0230
--- yate-andrew/modules/server/mgcpca.cpp       2018-06-22 09:19:49.669782522 -0230
*** 1993,1998 ****
--- 1993,2000 ----
                    return sendRequest("D/" + *tone);
+         case SignallingCircuitEvent::NetworkDisconnect:
+             return fxs() && sendRequest("L/osi(to=500)"); //MGCP default is 900ms
        case SignallingCircuitEvent::GenericTone:
            if (params) {
                const String* tone = params->getParam(YSTRING("tone"));

*** yate/modules/server/analog.cpp      2018-06-22 09:17:09.197459399 -0230
--- yate-andrew/modules/server/analog.cpp       2018-06-21 20:43:42.843357095 -0230
*** 1711,1716 ****
--- 1712,1719 ----
      if (m_callEndedTimer.interval()) {
+         Debug(this,DebugAll,"Call ended. Sending OSI via sendEvent(SignallingCircuitEvent::NetworkDisconnected) [%p]",this);
+         m_line->sendEvent(SignallingCircuitEvent::NetworkDisconnect);
        if (!setAnnouncement("call-ended",m_callEndedTarget))

So I have it working now :) I will clean up my code and attempt to create a patch. Ideally it should be a configuration option to turn on and off. Also other channel drivers can be updated to take advantage of the new NetworkDisconnect event.

When the foreign end (called party) disconnects the analog driver never signals to the underlying driver that the call disconnected. Looks like I need to add something to:

void AnalogChannel::hangup(bool local, const char* status, const char* reason)

And create a new SignallingCircuitEvent to send to the underlying driver (mgcpca in my case) that the call disconnected and to do something if required. I've created a sendNTFY function in the MGCPWrapper which should work, I just need to get the signalling event sent to mgcpca to call that function.

Also ringback= has no affect as the mgcpca driver doesn't implement Notify for ringback. I actually can't even get analog channel internally generated tones to play (there's no log messages indicating it is trying to play tone/ring).

Where would be the best place to hack in support to send an osi Notify along with the DLCX?

Yate should send a Notify with 'osi' as the contents on a far-end disconnect, as per the RFC:

Other additions that would be great is to signal via MGCP ringback signal (Notify rg) instead of using generated tones, as well as off hook tone (Notify ot) when the line is out-of-service.

I mis-dialed at first, but the second attempt was successful. It looks like the mgcpca never gets a disconnect from analog to signal the FXS port to drop voltage on disconnect.


I have an Adit CMG router card configured and working with Yate via MGCPCA (FXS ports are connected locally and through T1 to another channel bank). Using the overlapped.php script I can dial out through the FXS ports but when the called party disconnects Yate does not send a disconnect to the MGCP gateway, it holds the line active and plays 'tone/congestion'.

Is there something I can add to regex route so it will send a disconnect to MGCP instead of holding the line active and playing tones?


I think it has something to do with call-ended-target in analog.conf, but I'm unsure how I can change the parameters to allow it to signal a disconnect to the underlying channel driver from the analog module.

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