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Windows / YATE client with Cisco Expressway
« on: July 10, 2018, 07:10:49 AM »
I've been testing YATE with Cisco Expressway.  SIP-to-SIP works fine, SIP-to-H.323 works fine but H.323-to-SIP doesn't. The receiving (SIP) YATE client says 'Failed to open Audio, Please Check your Sound Card'.   

I also tested with another SIP client to YATE (SIP) and I get the same message.  I also can't see any SDP messages between the two devices before the call fails so first question, does the YATE client support 'delayed offer' and if so, do I need to tweak something to make this work?  Second question, does the message 'Failed to open Audio, Please Check your Sound Card' really mean there is something wrong with my sound card (which would be strange as the other calls connect)?

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