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YateBTS / Re: yateBTS run errors
« on: November 23, 2018, 12:22:47 AM »
We used same method that used in this video:

We used subversion to install yatebts

YateBTS / Re: yateBTS run errors
« on: November 22, 2018, 05:53:09 AM »
Can you be more clear?

YateBTS / Re: yateBTS run errors
« on: November 22, 2018, 04:28:13 AM »
By running 'lsub' command, we obtained:

gokhan@gokhan-HP-Laptop-17-bs0xx:~$ lsusb
Bus 002 Device 005: ID 2cf0:5250 
Bus 002 Device 001: ID 1d6b:0003 Linux Foundation 3.0 root hub
Bus 001 Device 004: ID 04f2:b5d5 Chicony Electronics Co., Ltd
Bus 001 Device 003: ID 0bda:b009 Realtek Semiconductor Corp.
Bus 001 Device 002: ID 046d:c534 Logitech, Inc. Unifying Receiver
Bus 001 Device 001: ID 1d6b:0002 Linux Foundation 2.0 root hub

And how can we delete the other yate instance?

YateBTS / yateBTS run errors
« on: November 22, 2018, 01:08:00 AM »
I installed yateBTS as instructed in wiki page of yateBTS. However, after I run "yate". I get the following output:

gokhan@gokhan-HP-Laptop-17-bs0xx:~$ yate
Yate (19523) is starting Thu Nov 22 09:51:10 2018
Loaded module YSTUN
Loaded module Call Forker
Loaded module CdrCombine
Loaded module YIAX
Loaded module CdrFile
Loaded module PBX
Loaded module MUX
Loaded module iSAC floating point - based on WebRTC iSAC library version 4.3.0 (SPL version 1.2.0)
Loaded module GVoice
Loaded module Call Generator
Loaded module ExtModule
Loaded module WaveFile
Loaded module MOH
Loaded module Conference
Loaded module RegexRoute
Loaded module ToneGen
Loaded module Javascript
Loaded module YJingle
Loaded module RManager
Loaded module CdrBuild
Loaded module iLBC - based on WebRTC iLBC library version 1.1.1
Loaded module File Transfer
Loaded module YRTP
Loaded module GSM - based on libgsm-1.0.10
Loaded module iLBC - based on iLBC reference library
Loaded module MsgSniffer
Loaded module DumbChannel
Loaded module FileInfo
Loaded module ToneDetector
Loaded module SIP Channel
Loaded module Analyzer
Loaded module YSOCKS
Loaded module Queues Notify
Loaded module SIP Features
Loaded module Registration from file
Loaded module Radius client
Loaded module Late Router
Loaded module Call Parking
Loaded module DbWave
Loaded module GSM Transceiver
Loaded module SigTransport
Loaded module Analog Channel
Loaded module PBX for database
Loaded module Accounts from file
Loaded module Queues
Loaded module Cpu
Loaded module Heartbeat
Loaded module CallCounters
Loaded module SNMP Agent
Loaded module MGCP-GW
Loaded module Presence
Loaded module Event Logs
Loaded module Register for database
Loaded module Monitoring
Loaded module MGCP-CA
Loaded module Users Management
Loaded module Subscriptions
Loaded module Signalling Channel
Loaded module Cisco SM
Loaded module Clustering
Loaded module MRCP
Loaded module Analog Detector
Loaded module Cache
Loaded module YBTS
Loaded module CCongestion
Loaded module Jabber Server
Loaded module Jabber Server Features
Loaded module BladeRF using libusb desc=''
Loaded module DummyRadio
Loaded module Radio Test
Initializing plugins
Initializing module DummyRadio
Initializing module BladeRF
Initializing module Jabber Server Features
Initializing module Jabber Server
2018-11-22_09:51:10.180033 <jbserverengine:NOTE> Failed to load entity caps from '/usr/local/etc/yate/jabberentitycaps.xml': I/O error 2 'No such file or directory'
2018-11-22_09:51:10.180048 <jbserverengine:NOTE> No domains configured
Initializing module Analog Detector
Initializing module Clustering
Initializing module Cisco SM
Initializing module Subscriptions
Initializing module MGCP Call Agent
Initializing module Event Logs
Initializing module Cpu
2018-11-22_09:51:10.181517 <cpuload:NOTE> Updating CPU core number from 1 to 4
Initializing module SigTransport
Initializing module DbWave
Initializing module YSOCKS
Initializing module Javascript
Initializing module MUX
Initializing module CdrFile
Initializing module YSTUN
Initializing module Call Forker
Initializing module CdrCombine
Initializing module YIAX
2018-11-22_09:51:10.184051 <iaxengine:WARN> Failed to bind socket on ':4569' - trying a random port. 98: 'Address already in use' [0x1257ec0]
Initializing module PBX
Initializing module iSAC
Initializing module GVoice
Initializing module Call Generator
Initializing module ExtModule
Initializing module WaveFile
Initializing module MOH
Initializing module Conference
Initializing module RegexRoute
Initializing module ToneGen
Initializing module YJingle
2018-11-22_09:51:10.211923 <jingle:NOTE> Module initialized: localip=MISSING jingle_version=1 singletone=true pending_timeout=10000 anonymous_caller=unk_caller codecs=mulaw,alaw
Initializing module RManager
2018-11-22_09:51:10.211976 <RManager:CRIT> Failed to bind to : Address already in use
Initializing module CdrBuild
Initializing module iLBC webrtc
Initializing module File Transfer
Initializing module YRTP
Initializing module MsgSniffer
Initializing module DumbChannel
DumbChannel initialized
Initializing module FileInfo
Initializing module ToneDetector
Initializing module SIP Channel
Initializing module Analyzer
Initializing module Queues Notify
Initializing module SIP Features
Initializing module Register from file
Initializing module Radius client
2018-11-22_09:51:10.212934 <yradius:NOTE> Local address not set or invalid. Radius functions disabled
Initializing module Late Router
Initializing module Call Parking
Initializing module GSM Transceiver
Initializing module Analog Channel
Initializing module PBX for database
2018-11-22_09:51:10.213382 <sip:WARN> Listener(UDP,'general') unable to bind on :5060 - trying a random port. 98 'Address already in use'
Initializing module Accounts from file
Initializing module Queues for database
Initializing module SNMP Agent
2018-11-22_09:51:10.217346 <NOTE> Failed to open config file '/usr/local/etc/yate/snmp_data.conf', using defaults (2: No such file or directory)
2018-11-22_09:51:10.217378 <WARN> Failed to save config file '/usr/local/etc/yate/snmp_data.conf' (13: Permission denied)
Initializing module MGCP Gateway
2018-11-22_09:51:10.217598 <mgcp_gw:WARN> Failed to bind socket to :2427. Error: 98: Address already in use
Initializing module Presence
Initializing module Register for database
Initializing module Monitoring
Initializing module Users Management
Initializing module Signalling Channel
2018-11-22_09:51:10.218228 <sig:NOTE> Section 'tcapuser_test'. Unknown/missing type '(null)'
Initializing module MrcpSpeech
Initializing module Cache
Initializing module YBTS
Initializing module CCongestion
Initializing module Radio Test
Initialization complete
2018-11-22_09:51:10.218735 <jabber:NOTE> Changing supported compression formats to '(null)' old='zlib'
2018-11-22_09:51:10.218749 <jbserverengine:NOTE> TLS not available for outgoing streams
2018-11-22_09:51:10.218785 <ybts:NOTE> State changed Idle -> Starting restart counter 1/10
2018-11-22_09:51:10.219203 <ybts:NOTE> State changed Starting -> WaitHandshake
MBTS connected to YBTS
Yate-BTS MBTS Component
Copyright 2008, 2009, 2010 Free Software Foundation, Inc.
Copyright 2010 Kestrel Signal Processing, Inc.
Copyright 2011, 2012, 2013 Range Networks, Inc.
Copyright 2013, 2014 Null Team Impex SRL
Copyright 2014 Legba, Inc.
"OpenBTS" is a registered trademark of Range Networks, Inc.

  SC Null Team Impex SRL:
    Paul Chitescu
  Legba, Inc.
    David Burgess
  Range Networks, Inc.:
    David Burgess, Harvind Samra, Donald Kirker, Doug Brown,
    Pat Thompson, Kurtis Heimerl
  Kestrel Signal Processing, Inc.:
    David Burgess, Harvind Samra, Raffi Sevlian, Roshan Baliga
  GNU Radio:
    Johnathan Corgan
    Anne Kwong, Jacob Appelbaum, Joshua Lackey, Alon Levy
    Alexander Chemeris, Alberto Escudero-Pascual
Incorporated L/GPL libraries and components:
  libusb, LGPL 2.1, various copyright holders,
Incorporated BSD/MIT-style libraries and components:
  A5/1 Pedagogical Implementation, Simplified BSD License,
    Copyright 1998-1999 Marc Briceno, Ian Goldberg, and David Wagner
Incorporated public domain libraries and components:
  sqlite3, released to public domain 15 Sept 2001,

This program comes with ABSOLUTELY NO WARRANTY.

Use of this software may be subject to other legal restrictions,
including patent licensing and radio spectrum licensing.
All users of this software are expected to comply with applicable
regulations and laws.  See the LEGAL file in the source code for
more information.

Release 6.0.0 formal build date Nov 22 2018 rev
2018-11-22_09:51:10.226621 <mbts:NOTE> GSMConfig.cpp:80:regenerateBeacon: regenerating system information messages, changemark 1
Starting MBTS...
2018-11-22_09:51:10.226891 <ybts:NOTE> State changed WaitHandshake -> Running
2018-11-22_09:51:10.229228 <bladerf/1:WARN> Failed to open USB device: USB reset failed - no device found [0x7fbf28000de0]
2018-11-22_09:51:10.229316 <gsmtrx:CRIT> Failed to create radio interface: USB reset failed - no device found
ALERT 140409924904768 09:51:10.2 TRXManager.cpp:207:sendCommand: RESET failed with status 2 extra: code=524288
2018-11-22_09:51:10.229409 <mbts:WARN> TRXManager.cpp:207:sendCommand: RESET failed with status 2 extra: code=524288
2018-11-22_09:51:10.229436 <ybts-signalling:WARN> Peer fatal stop notification 'RadioError' code=0x80000 (HardwareNotAvailable) operation=RESET [0x1335d20]
2018-11-22_09:51:10.237014 <NOTE> Failed to open config file '/usr/local/etc/yate/tmsidata.conf', using defaults (2: No such file or directory)
Yate engine is initialized and starting up on gokhan-HP-Laptop-17-bs0xx
ALERT 140409924904768 09:51:10.4 OpenBTS.cpp:251:main: Failed to reset transceiver
2018-11-22_09:51:10.430600 <mbts:WARN> OpenBTS.cpp:251:main: Failed to reset transceiver
2018-11-22_09:51:10.433097 <ybts:NOTE> 'shutdown' command failed
2018-11-22_09:51:10.448535 <ybts:NOTE> State changed Running -> Idle
2018-11-22_09:51:11.185215 <cpuload:NOTE> Updating CPU core number from 1 to 4

I think problem is related with "transciever" but I couldnt solve it. I hope someone can help me. I use nuand bladeRF XA40.

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