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I've started a new topic about the possibility of using Yate to provide Caller ID name for incoming Google Voice calls on an Obihai VoIP device.  Hoping to get some input there from knowledgeable/experienced YATE users.

I should state up front that I have very little direct experience with Yate.  The extent of my experience is installing Yate in a Flash on one system (also using information found here), and it has worked so well that I've barely needed to touch it since installation, so I don't know if that counts as any significant level of experience, and that doesn't have that much to do with this.  Except, that first article mentions Bill Simon's Google Voice gateway which is using Yate.  The significance of that is that his gateway somehow adds Caller ID name information to incoming calls, which Google Voice does not provide.  But, he does not disclose how he does it, so as far as I know you can't do that with "Yate in a Flash".

What I am thinking about here, though, is the case where a user has an Obihai device (OBi100, OBi110, OBi202, etc.) that is being used to connect to one or more Google Voice accounts.  In this case the calls come in with a Caller Id number only, and no Caller ID name, because Google doesn't supply that.  There are third-party Caller ID name lookup sources out there, and at least one of them (OpenCNAM) is free for low usage (under 60 lookups per hour).

The Obihai devices will not do Caller ID name lookups on their own.  However, it is possible to "loop" incoming calls through another PBX server to add Caller ID information see, for example, How to divert incoming Google Voice calls from an Obihai VoIP device to an Asterisk server for additional processing (such as Caller ID lookup).  The trouble with the technique shown there is that it pretty much requires a separate server running PBX in a Flash (or at least Asterisk, FreePBX, and the third-party Caller ID Superfecta module) which seems like serious overkill if all you want to do is Caller ID name lookups.  So I started wondering if you could use a similar technique and loop Obihai calls through a Yate server and do the Caller ID lookups from within that, rather than having to run a Linux server and then Asterisk/FreePBX/CallerID Superfecta on top of that.

I have only found a few pages that touch on the subject of adding Caller ID name lookups to Yate - this mailing list post (looks like this might be a slightly expanded version of the code), and this forum thread (which in turn links to this Wiki page).  I have to admit that those instructions lack sufficient information for me to really make use of them.  Suffice it to say that given my relative lack of hands-on experience with Yate, I am wondering if anyone else has ever attempted something like this, and could maybe give me a push in the right direction.

My ultimate goal would be to have a minimal Yate installation that could run on any supported platform, that could work as the "backend" for one or more Obihai devices and add available Caller ID name information before looping the call back to the originating Obihai device.  I'd primarily like to see this as a local server (maybe something that would run in the background on a filesever, or even on a standalone device such as a Raspberry Pi).  Direct connectivity to Google Voice (as is possible with Yate in a Flash) would also be nice, but optional, since the primary goal would be to add Caller ID name to Google Voice calls that come in on the Obihai device itself.

Is this a project that would be suitable for Yate?  If so, how would one set up something like that?

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