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Yate IVR / channel wait_for_silence / wait_for_noise functionality?
« on: August 29, 2013, 12:49:23 PM »
I'm evaluating yate along with freeswitch and asterisk for a project dealing with IVR testing - as in it will need to drive an IVR with dtmf tones and record output. Yate and its API is looking attractive with its philosphy of powerful/flexible extension, but I want to make sure I can accomplish what I need to. Does yate have hooks/messages which would allow a script to analyze channel input and block while it waits for levels above some silence threshold and record the channel input while doing so?   I realize this might not be implemented in yate core, but wondering if there is an existing module that provides this functionality or if I would even be able to write my own module to accomplish such, or if I shouldn't be considering yate for this kind of use case. Wasn't able to find a definitive answer in the docs or any listing of existing 3rd party modules that might provide this, however I may have just missed it. Thanks in advance

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