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Thank you for your help!I install yate server in ubuntu12.04 instead of windows,and modify the configure files as you post that link.It is successful!
Maybe the configuration is not effective in windows.

I use wireshark and see the SIP signal and RTP package all pass through the yate server

I read the document,is it mean that I have to put the line below in the regexroute.conf ?

but it doesn't work!

OK,Ill try it.Thank you very much!

Thank you for your reply,but that document is about h.323 client to sip client.Our system has just two sip client and do not involve h.323.
In this situation,how can i realize it?

I want to realize that the voice data(RTP package) can transport directly from client to client and do not pass through the yate server.
How can I configure the parameters in configuration files to realize this?
I hope there is somebody can help me solve this problem !Thank you very much!!!

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