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BladeRF getting hot
« on: January 05, 2017, 06:28:09 AM »
After getting YateBTS running the BladeRF gets hot, especially on the metal part over the radio circuits, is this an issue and does it need cooling or is it a software issue?
The bladeRF is connected to GSM 900/1800 antennas with a little spiral in them.  (The ones you buy for your car with the magnetic base)
And hot I mean hot to touch, it wont burn you but unpleasant to touch

Also, to increase the GPRS Speed, will increasing the Max Downlink+ Uplinks help?  Do these correspond to timeslots and do they only use TCH timeslots?  Like I have my BTS setup with a C0, a C7 and the other 6 are TCH, so does this mean I only have 6 GPRS channels or can GPRS also use the C7 and the C0?
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