Author Topic: YateBTS Excessive TOA Errors  (Read 6048 times)


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YateBTS Excessive TOA Errors
« on: February 04, 2017, 02:51:45 PM »
I have had a working YateBTS setup for a month now, haven't used it in 2 weeks but today when I turned it on the handsets could connect but on the iPhones it said "No Service" on the top bar.
In the verbose logs it spams excessive TOA errors:
The version of YateBTS is from here:

Heres the logs on max verbosity:

And heres my bladeRF cli version:
Code: [Select]
root@openbts-VirtualBox:/home/openbts# bladeRF-cli -i
bladeRF> version

  bladeRF-cli version:        1.4.0-git-unknown
  libbladeRF version:         1.7.2-git-unknown

  Firmware version:           1.9.1
  FPGA version:               0.1.2


Any idea what I am doing wrong?

EDIT: After further investigation this issue appears to go away when the band is changed to GSM900 (Previously was GSM850)
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