Author Topic: GPRS issue with Telit modem  (Read 6789 times)


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GPRS issue with Telit modem
« on: April 27, 2018, 10:21:49 AM »

I'm unable to establish a GPRS connection between a Telit GSM/2G modem (model GE864) and YateBTS.

Consider that the modem successfully attaches to the GSM network (I'm able to execute a call to the modem and send SMS to it). In addition, using a normal cellular phone I'm even able to establish the GPRS connection.

However, with the Telit device GPRS does not work. As far as I understand, the error seems to be related with the opening of a TBF connection, as shown in the following error logs:

Code: [Select]
2018-04-27_17:30:05.287200 <mbts:NOTE> proc 16143 TBF.cpp:1150:mtCancel: thread 139758033307392:   17:30:05.2,5168: 17:30:05.2@@@failed tbf cause=3101 TBF#1 TFI=1 TBF_TLLI=0x89b0ad6f mtMS= MS#1,TLLI=89b0ad6f mtDir=RLCDir::Up
        channels: down=( 0:2) up=( 0:2,usf=1)
        mtState==TBFState::DataTransmit mtAttached=1 mtTFI=1 mtTlli=0x89b0ad6f
        mtMsgExpectedBits=0x0 mtMsgAckBits=0x2
        mtUnAckMode=0 OnCCCH=0 mtAssignCounter=1 N3101=33
        msNumDataUSFGrants=33 msAckNackUSFGrant=0 Pacch= idle=0
        TA=2 TE=(0.00) RSSI=(0) CV=(63) ILev=(0) RXQual=(0) SigVar=(0) ChCoding=(3) RXLev=(0) mLastAlpha=10 mLastGamma=31 mGamma=31
        VR=0 VQ=0 stalled=0 mNumUpBlocksSinceAckNack=0 mtUpState=0
        blocks: total=0 unique=0 grants=33

I'm also attaching full debug logs. My environment is the following:
- OS: debian
- Yate 6.0.1 devel1 r6313
- YateBTS 6 svn rev 660
- BladeRF x115 (firmware version: 1.9.1)



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Re: GPRS issue with Telit modem
« Reply #1 on: February 07, 2019, 04:43:37 AM »

Do you see the modem registered using (CREG) ? Does it show home network or roaming network?